Ahmad Zafar

Age 29
Position Entrepeneur | Business Consultant | Developer
Base Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Experiances 12 Companies
30+ Products
Active on LinkedIn

Zafar is an entrepeneur who enables the possibilities of your brand in a meaningful and aesthetic way.

When you are starting a company, you are thinking on how to best spend your resources to maximize value. Simplifying proccesses to its core and streamlining the customer UX plays a big role in keeping the team and company focused on the goal.

Every single aspect of a business from its Logo and Name to its internal work flow and revenue systems should be tailored for each market. Many companies have issues where staff members are brought on without first identifying the underlying problems and scalability issues.

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity"

Some of the popular questions are – How do we get customer X? and We made X service, why isnt it working?

Although each company and market has its nuances, the basic questions and optimizations still apply. Helping companies zone in on its initial goals without falling prey to common "must-dos" and "we cant's" is my specialty. Sometimes when we're unsure or uncertain, the best and simplest solution, is to just ask people who do.

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