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About Me

A short story about me , my mission, thinking and work.

As a Full Stack Engineer, my primary focus is on creating useful and impactful products that can make a real difference in people's lives. Over the course of my career, I have gained extensive experience in designing, simplifying, implementing, and coding various processes and solutions for startups, which has helped me develop a strong track record of success in achieving clients' goals and objectives.

I am always excited to hear about new projects and opportunities, so please don't hesitate to reach out and share your ideas. Let's work together to bring your vision to life!

  • Age : 31







Projects Deployed

I have been building products...alot...fast

Being involved in multiple zero-to-one startups, i managed to pick up wide technical skillset and also a lot of soft skills in business. Average time from idea to product launch is 4 weeks. Even for full fledge platforms.

  • Frontend, Backend & Devops (Monolithic and Serverlss)
  • Product Management
  • SEO, Security, Monitoring, Testing
  • Customer-Developer Relations
  • Agile, lean and XP methodologies
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Dev Skills



English & Malay Native
German Advanced
Japanese Basic (currently in progress)


Fachhochschuele Aachen - Germany

Applied Physics | 2014-2016
  • Material science, Optics, Laser Technologies, Instrument Regulation, Electronics, Electrical, Semiconductor Technologies, Reaction Technology.
  • Minor in Solar Energy Systems

University of Florida

Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future

Energy consumption patterns including individuals, countries and the entire globe including all sectors of the global economy from fully developed countries to developing nations. New energy source investigated and international solutions analyzed.



Cisco Certified Network Associate

Credential ID CSCO13147239


Scrum Master Certification (SMC) | June 2022

Credential ID : ZKDLDKHJJP8R

  • Agile Fundamentals
  • Scrum Fundamentals
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Product Owner


2023 - Now

Software Engineer

AXA, Japan

  • All things AWS
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Java Systems
  • Develop requirements and code the Web Platform
  • Candidates Platform
  • Automated CV Scoring system
  • Recruiter Mobile App
  • Company Client Platform
  • Introduce Gamification of platform
  • Reduce running IT costs by 72% over 2 months.
  • Personally overlook the entire codebase.
  • Mentor new developers via pair programming and code reviews.
  • Develop Recruiter scoring system for better pairing.
  • Switching user-facing bare-metal workloads to Edge Computing and Serverless functions.
  • Plan, design and implement a 5 year business plan since the beginning of the company.
  • DB data structure requirement, planning and building.
  • UX design, simplification and adherence. SEO optimizations and analytics.
  • Design and implement end-to-end development flow, including CI/CD and monitoring.
  • Perform stack analysis to reduce running costs and reduce system bloat.
  • Manage development team and implement agile framework
  • Polish initial ideas from directors/investors into working solutions.
  • Promoting a strong end-user feedback loop.
  • Actively automating maintenance and repetitive tasks to free up development time for features.

2020 - 2023

Senior Web Application Developer

KL Wing: Japanese Recruitment Agency | by JobSearchAsia

  • Sole developer handling the entire system from servers, databases, frontend, mail systems, and various custom integrations.
  • Migrating the entire platform from old servers and optimizing for minimal running cost.
  • Patching and upgrading old codebase to latest.
  • Working as a sole developer interacting with the entire Japanese staff and management.
  • Develop Halal Navi business using a technical approach of feedback, analytics, market analysis and removing barriers.
  • Report and discussions directly with a Japanese director on new features and services.
  • Plan and execute scrums to test MVP for planned new services.
  • Remove management bottlenecks and reduce internal issues.
  • Empowering staff with more tools and freedom of action.
  • Review development team application logic and marketing team strategies to ensure a good user experience.
  • Assisting in coding and design of MVPs.

2017 - 2021


Standard Systems Ventures

  • Co-founded software development startup.
  • Developed for multiple high-profile clients, who became repeat clients.
  • Collaborate with clients to form a solution that pushes the limit of possibilities.
  • Develop logic, plan and code solutions. Support said solution after completion.
  • Worked in a tight multilingual team of japanese, german and chinese speakers.


See what im up to
Seekers Candidate

Nuxt 3 | Laravel | Flutter

Halal Navi : Japan Travel Platform

Vue | Django | Kotlin | Swift

Seekers Recruiter

Nuxt | Laravel | React Native

KL Wing


Payouth - Youth Marketing Platform

Ionic | Firebase

HantarJapan - Forwarding Service

Next | Directus | Firebase

Toaster PC

Custom PC inside a Toaster

TamaTama - Telegram Shopper Bot

NodeJS | Telegram

Fronyx : EV Charging

Penetration Testing

Taberuuu - Japanese Curry (discontinued)

Handlebars | Shopify

Cyber Safe In School : Awareness Contest

Angular 8

3D Modeling : Photorealism

Blender 3D

JustKosme : Beauty Community (sold)


Natural Prebiotics

Business Advisory | PHP

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