HalalNavi : Japan Muslim Travel Platform


My journey at Asianatech started with HalalNavi.

Tasked with building MVPs and improving customer-to-developer communication.

Help build up, through building prototypes, MVPs and market testing:

  • HalalNavi Bento : Food pre-ordering system for restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka
  • HalalNavi Deals : Coupon as a subscription service for travelers to Japan
  • HalalNavi Senpai : Concierge service for those needing help, guide, translation help while in Japan

After a shirt while, i had become the Technical Product Manager, focusing on delivering useful features to customers as fast as possible and making the platform more fun and engaging. This involves:

  • Frontend Design, Scaffold and Code.
  • Overseeing scrum and agile workflow of dev team
  • Periodic code-reviews.
  • Making ship happen.
  • Solving Developer-Marketing disputes.
  • Communicating with Investors and Mangers on feature creation and implementation.
  • Optimize business logic to reduce cost and code complexity